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Managing Emotions – Simple Suggestions.

What Are Emotions

Emotions are a natural human response to external or internal stimuli. They help people not only process what they are feeling, but also manage and control those feelings. The emotions we experience leave an impression on our nervous system, which we call a sensation. 

Emotions are an important part of our lives. They are a natural reaction to what we see and feel. They can be bad or good, but they usually have a powerful effect on how we think and act.

Common Emotions and their Effects


Sadness is one of the most common emotions that people feel. Sadness can be good for you because it is often followed by a feeling of joy and happiness. Anger can help you fight or run from something that you feel threatened by. Fear can be very useful because it helps your brain anticipate danger and prepare for it before anything happens, which gives you time to react accordingly. Happiness is pretty self-explanatory since it’s the most desired emotion in life.

If we can understand the bad effects of uncontrollable emotions, and what emotions do to make life easier for us as people, we can better understand how important they are in our lives.

Many people are not aware of the various effects emotions have on their body. When we experience an emotion, our brain sends signals through neurotransmitters to different parts of the body that produce physical responses. Bad emotions like anger can cause us to breathe less deeply, and this can make us tired more quickly or even lead to health problems like high blood pressure. to understand and hos to manage your emotions indepth click here to read my book.

Deep Breathing to Control Your Emotions.

Deep breathing is a practice that is used to control emotions. It is designed to slow down the body’s heart rate and relax the muscles. Research suggests it mainly works by activating certain parts of the brain, which in turn lowers anxiety levels and reduces feelings of stress.

Deep breathing can help in a number of ways. It can reduce pain, manage high blood pressure, help people who experience panic disorders and anxiety attacks, and even prevent asthma attacks.

The practice has been used for centuries by many different cultures as a way to control emotions, from the ancient Greek Stoics to more modern examples such as Transcendental Meditation. The best example I can give is of Sudarshan Kriya – a powerful set of breathing exercises to bring emotions under control and reap the benefits listed above. You can read about its results and effects here – and

Conditions For Meditating in Peace 

There are many sorts of meditation, but most have four elements in common: a quiet location with as few distractions as possible; a selected , comfortable posture (sitting, lying down, walking, or in other positions); attention of attention (a specially chosen word or set of words, an object, or the sensations of the breath); and an open attitude (letting distractions come and go naturally without judging them). Emotions can be controlled by meditation or dhyaan.

Meditation can assist you increase your awareness of all feelings and experiences. After you meditate, you’re teaching yourself to sit down with those feelings, to note them without judging yourself or attempting to alter them or make them get away .

As mentioned above, learning to simply accept all of your emotions can make regulation of emotions easier. Meditation helps you increase those acceptance skills. It also offers other benefits, like helping you relax and get better sleep.

Meditation for Managing Emotions.

Meditation is a practice that has been practiced for centuries, and it is one of the best ways to control your emotions. It’s easy to do and you can practice it anywhere, even in the middle of a meeting.

Meditation may seem like an unusual concept for many people, but it’s actually a really helpful tool that can be used to control our emotions. Meditation is something that anyone can do at any time, so why not try and incorporate some into your daily life? The benefits are endless! So what are you waiting for?

In today’s world of information overload, it’s important that we take a step back and look at how meditation can help us with this. It can give us a break from the constant barrage of social media messages that make our brains work overtime. It helps us learn how to take care of ourselves in times where we feel stressed or exhausted and find our own center again.

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Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation has been proven to improve mood, stress levels, and even blood pressure. It is a low-impact way of improving your mental and physical health.

There are many benefits to practicing meditation. Studies have shown that it has positive effects on your mood, stress levels, and even blood pressure. It’s a low impact way to improve your mental and physical health!

When you practice meditation, you are learning to control your thoughts and emotions. By focusing on the present moment, instead of letting your mind wander to past regrets or future worries, you train your brain to switch gears and be more grounded.

You can read about research on meditation here Meditation: In Depth | NCCIH (

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Mantra Practice :

Mantra practice is a form of meditation practice. It is a simple technique that can be practiced anywhere.

In mantra practice, you repeat a word, phrase, or sound silently in your mind after you’ve tuned into the present moment. This process can help you release old habits and negative thoughts that are no longer serving you.

Mantra practice doesn’t require any special equipment or materials. Therefore it’s accessible for people of all income levels and lifestyles, regardless of their location or physical limitations.

Method :

You can utter the mantra internally and hold your breath while you are doing it. Then while releasing the breath keep your mind blank and do not utter it. The mantra will automatically start in your mind. This mantra can be anything which suits you – your deity’s name, an affirmation or any other short positive saying which is easy to remember. 

Here are some links to some useful meditations for peace of mind, manifesting your intentions and have contentment : this is a powerful set of meditations by Sri Sri Ravishanker

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