About me About Me

I have been a teacher for 40, marketer for 8 and a banker for 23 years. My journey has been quite eventful in the sense I did several businesses and changed many professions. Ultimately, I had a self-realization that I should find the passion which drives me, in the search I realized that writing reasonably well was my forte, interest and a deep desire too. I also observed that many of the young also face the same dilemma on this count – they change jobs, fail, change professions and businesses too. Thus, I wrote my first book to create a guide for them and locate their passion too. Now I am a committed author and writer too. I have done lots of freelancing writing work for various
businesses like healthcare, solar panels, cruise hire, online marriage website, freelancing, authors and many other. There was quite a wide spectrum of content churning like blogs, web site content, business pans, case studies, presentations, web designing, digital marketing (new interest I developed) , SOPS, and several others. 
Currently, I am on the second passion of mine – to encourage the indie authors to grow unlimited. I have a dream of publishing about 7 nonfiction categories and about 12 fictional books of which 3 are ready in preformat stage. These are the 3 websites to promote my dreams: www. Hindikahaniyansuno.com, authorshine.com, internetserves.com and my author website –sudhirbhatt.com. All this I was able to do due to blessings from my Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shanker. Writing creating characters gives my creative juices lots of personal satisfaction, inspiration, and self-motivation. I am happy in this space because I can also help other authors in various aspects of the authoring game. I will consider helping the authors will be my biggest achievement. I am confident that I will surely succeed in this. The Universe has chosen me for this. I urge all my fellow authors to join me in this endeavor. In the process I will guide and mentor them in various aspects of writing like creative writing, editing, formatting, presentation, digital marketing, advertising, and post publication needs